If U could C the things I've seen with your Is

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few things going on

There's a wet storm coming in. We got a little over a foot out of it.

I might have spoken too soon about how much snow we have.

Cracklin' Bits for Baloo.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Every Woodsman knows... Dress in layers

It's been a moderately snowy winter. It isn't unusual for the snow to pile up and make a continuous ramp down the roof onto the ground. Those are blocks of ice from frozen goat buckets. At it's coldest, we would find these in the buckets each morning. They have to go inside to thaw enough to get them out of the buckets. Taking water out two or three times a day is maybe the most consuming chore in the winter.

Is that a dead cat?

Cranky cat woken from a nap, maybe..

Burned some wood, a little bit left

Spar Que?

Just think, you too could have 5 thousand volts coursing through your veins....

Summac debarked by goats

That's a three foot stake