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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in Maine

We took our son for his second semi annual white water trip in Maine.

Getting his boat ready.

Who knew he was Shred Ready?
Before running the Dead at 55 Hundred, we hiked up to Grand Falls.

I neglected to tell him there would be a water crossing..

Wading in

Good thing I have this stick

I know Stephen is taller than I, but I am pretty sure I was standing in a hole there!

Stephen is a little bit Kris Kristopherson, a little bit Garison Kealer

So, son, was the hike worth it?

That's the sign for boat. I think he wants to run it.

It looks mean to me.

Stephen and my son picking their lines

Dad, I think you are going to need this

Dad, are you sure this is safe?

Mom, I'm sure this isn't safe. My pants are wet!

Dad, let me show you how to do that right

Family photo

Disclaimer: No little boys were injured or scared in the filming of this project